Tuition and Financial Aid

2021-2022 Tuition and Fees

  • Annual Tuition: $19,600

  • Materials and Technology Fee: $350


Tuition at Ann Arbor Academy reflects our low student/teacher ratio and our commitment to a quality education for exceptional learners. Financial aid is available to help families meet an established financial need, and we have a variety of payment options as well. Because we offer rolling admissions, tuition for a mid-year admission is prorated by semester or quarter.

Financial Aid

To apply for financial aid, you will need to submit a letter stating your reason for the request to the Executive Director. The letter must outline your financial situation and demonstrate any need that is not readily illustrated on the federal tax return. A copy of the previous year's tax return must also be turned in with the request. These items can be submitted via email or in person by dropping them off at the front desk.

The calculation for financial aid consideration is made by taking into account that 12% to 15% of household income can typically be put toward tuition. We take into account things such as medical expenses, college or other private school tuition costs, unexpected circumstances, etc. There is no guarantee that we can meet all the demonstrated need a family has.

Financial aid decisions are made for returning students by the beginning of May each year, and for new students as soon as possible after admission. Priority in financial aid awards is given to returning students.

Email financial aid requests and documentation to [email protected].

Tuition As a Medical Expense

Ann Arbor Academy tuition may be counted as a medical expense for families who have an attending child with a documented disability, because it is a specialized school. This is a pre-tax credit - we do not accept insurance. There is an excellent article about this option here: