Ann Arbor Academy

Providing a world class education for students with learning differences and disabilities since 1998.

Ann Arbor Academy is a life changing school for students in grades 4-13 who have learning and social difficulties such as ADHD, autism, dyslexia, and more. Students who find success are often gifted learners who thrive with a specialized approach that teaches the way they learn best. Our gender inclusive, safe, affirming community celebrates neurodiversity and students' individual stories and identities as they learn how to learn and to reach their potential.

The mission of Ann Arbor Academy is to allow students with divergent learning styles to thrive in an atmosphere which promotes social and academic confidence and growth.

At Ann Arbor Academy we believe that:

  • Children want to learn
  • Some brains work differently than others
  • There are no lazy students, just barriers to learning
  • Students thrive on success
  • Success in learning is its own reward
  • Our students are wonderful, unique, and gifted with the opportunity to see the world a little differently than their peers
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Ann Arbor Academy is grateful to the Speckhard-Knight Charitable Foundation, the Allegra C. Ford-Thomas Foundation, the Manat Foundation, and many other donors for their ongoing support of our students and our program.