Arts and Electives

Cultivating Interests and Building on Successes

At Ann Arbor Academy, a lot of importance is put on student choice. Cultivating interests and building on successes outside of traditional academic areas is an important step on the road to adulthood, and making choices is a foundation of self-determination. Electives, which are held in the afternoons, are a great way for students to accomplish these objectives.

The selection of elective classes varies from semester to semester, but there are some constants. We always offer physical education, fine and performing arts classes, Spanish, American Sign Language, life skills, and humanities electives. We offer health class every other year, world mythology, meditation and mindfulness, French, psychology, animation, and video game design. We will vary the elective selection to take student interests into account when possible.

A Developmental Approach

Learning to express oneself through the arts is a gift to many students who find other means of self-expression difficult. Also, the arts are fun! Ann Arbor Academy has a commitment to providing opportunities for arts education to our students at all grade and skill levels. Classes and productions in the arts are open to all and take a developmental approach, meeting young learners where they are and building confidence and skills over time.

We offer many opportunities for students to perform - we have two Performance Nights per year, as well as performance opportunities at our Thanksgiving Feast and various other times throughout the year. Band and vocal performance classes take a lead role in putting these productions on, and in making them a success.

Ann Arbor Academy has a school play or musical most years. Past productions include Hairspray, Grease, The Effect of Gamma Rays on Man-in-the-Moon Marigolds, Godspell, and more.