Transitions and College Guidance

100% graduation rate & 90% of Our Graduates Go to College

Ann Arbor Academy has a 100% graduation rate, and 90% of our graduates go to college. The remainder attend another form of post-secondary education such as a trade school, community education resource, or job skills training.

Ann Arbor Academy has a transitions counselor and is active in the area transitions planning community to stay current with resources and trends. We are co-sponsors of the Life After High School College Fair for Different Learners, held each fall at Huron High School in Ann Arbor, as well as the Preparing for Tomorrow Transitions Conference, also in the fall, at Washtenaw Community College. We work closely with colleges and trade schools to make sure that our students' transitions needs are being met.

Click here for the Life Skills Assessment. Email Meredith at when you've completed it to schedule a meeting.

Transitions preparation is woven throughout our curriculum. Students learn to identify their strengths and to advocate for what they need. We take students on field trips and bring in speakers from all walks of life to help make career choices more concrete and easy to access. We go on college visits and host college representatives when they visit our school and meet with our students. We focus on learning the skills needed for independence and career success through our adulting class and also our travel. Our Work Internship Program allows students to gain school credit for paid or volunteer work. We support dual enrollment in college for our eleventh and twelfth graders who are ready.