Thirteenth Year Program

13th Year Program

The Thirteenth Year Program at Ann Arbor Academy offers students who have graduated from high school classes and experiences that will help bridge the gap between the structured, nurturing high school experience and the relatively less structured, certainly less nurturing world of college or work.

Over the years, students in the program have taken life skills classes, math classes, electives that they wished to go into professionally, such as photography, and a full on regular year of additional high school. We have walked students around town looking for jobs and getting experience filling out applications and going on interviews. We have helped set up volunteer opportunities, shepherded students through their first classes at Washtenaw Community College, and taught them how to ride the bus and shop for groceries.

The setup of the program depends on the individual needs of the student. The tuition for the program if it is attended full time is the same as for the regular school, but because the students are generally part time, the tuition is prorated accordingly. Thirteenth Year students are assigned an advisor, and are graded for their classes.

Students and families who are interested in the Thirteenth Year program can contact the office at for more information and to set up a meeting with the Director.