Project Weeks

A new way to learn

Multi-sensory, project based learning offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves in a topic or problem in a way that allows for authentic learning and application to new problems in the future. Research and practice show us that students who engage with material in multiple ways over time retain information, develop problem solving and critical thinking skills, and strengthen their planning and organizational skills as well. Project based learning can additionally help students by allowing for alternative ways of assessing knowledge besides just taking a test.

Two times per year, the Upper School and TMS students participate in a Project Week. During these special weeks, students do not follow their regular class schedule, but instead work on projects either individually or in groups based on shared interests. Our Project Weeks are:

Literacy Project Week

Students work in groups coordinated by teachers on projects with the theme of literacy.

Project Week - the original project week

students work in groups coordinated by teachers on a project of any sort that is of interest to the group to accomplish.

Past project weeks participants have created movies, training videos for police dealing with students with disabilities, a ceiling painted with the periodic table, a world map mural with the proper proportions for the continents, an archaeological dig on school grounds, a school garden, a poetry slam, playable games, fantasy worlds, short novels, and more.