Summer Reading Challenge 2024

What is the challenge?

To read at least one book this summer and write a book review about it. 

What are the incentive levels?

When are the reading reviews due?

The reviews are due on the first day of school - Tuesday, September 3

Are there templates or graphic organizers students can use for the reviews?

Yes! Click here to access the template for younger students/emerging readers, and here to access the graphic organizer for older students/advanced readers. The templates are in a read only format, so you will need to make a copy to use them (in the upper left hand corner click on File, then Copy). 

What counts as a book for the challenge?

Novels, biographies, histories, graphic novels, audio books, illustrated books - they all count. The only thing to keep in mind is that, because this is a challenge, the book or books chosen must be at or a little above the student's reading level. Upper School Reading Teacher Eric Engel has put together a list of recommended books to get you started - click here to see the list.

How do the reviews get turned in?

Reviews can be emailed to Meredith ( or, if they are on paper, dropped off at the front desk on the first day of school.

Remember that your local library is the best resource for books, including audio books!

Have a wonderful summer, and happy reading!

The Ann Arbor Academy Reading and Literature Teachers