Middle School

Meeting the Needs of Young Learners

Ann Arbor Academy is devoted to meeting the needs of our young learners, and we have found that being a certain age doesn’t mean that the developmental timeline of a student is at a particular place. Our Middle School program takes a gentle approach to the middle school experience. Students who need extra support are able to receive it, while students that are ready for a greater academic challenge are able to take classes at a more rigorous level. Middle School students get play time daily, as well as art and music, as well as other elective options.

Learning how to learn

Reading class focuses on decoding, fluency, and comprehension skills at the level of each learner. Writing is a major focus and occurs across academic areas with structure and support. Math is done at a student’s level, and some students will take math class in the Upper School, if they’re ready for advanced work. Science is project based and blends natural and physical science topics in an engaging framework. The focus is on the developmental needs of each learner, and their readiness for the academic and organizational skills needed for the Upper School.