Kathleen Curtin

Email: kathleenc

Position: Early Learners Teacher


My name is Kathleen Curtin and I am happy to be starting my new teaching career here as a recent graduate from Grand Canyon University (GCU). I am a positive and kindhearted teacher. I equip learners and empower them with tools to become lifetime independent learners who will grow up to lead and contribute to society. I have experience working with students who have different abilities and am able to adapt and compromise to meet their needs.

My experience began in 1985 in Redding, CA as a teacher’s aide in a school for students with special needs, and high risk called Dynamics Resource Skills Center. The experience there gave me the foundation in the education profession that I needed to build and grow as a lifetime educator. I later worked at a district school called Excel Academy. We worked with students who had Autism, Cerebral Palsy, and other conditions. In 2016, I moved to Arizona and was a teacher for a special education classroom. I worked in a self-contained and an inclusion classroom. My last year in Arizona, I was a 5th grade teacher with a class of 35 students.

In 2019, I moved to Michigan and Covid started. Finding a position in schools was difficult and most schools closed quickly.

For the last two and a half years, I worked as a caregiver for a family living near me. They are educators, and were able to help me to finish my masters degree by advising and helping me to find opportunities in the area. I finished my student teaching in Ann Arbor and received my masters degree in 2020.

I am delighted to be meeting you and working with your children in this interesting and innovative school!