Melodee Bourdeau

Email: melodeeb

Position: Lower School Teacherr; Fiber Arts and Geocaching

Hello! My name is Melodee Bourdeau and I am excited to be part of Ann Arbor Academy! My education career has been steadily growing since 2009 when I began homeschooling my own children using a project based approach in a child led direction. I taught my children all their core classes and found elective classes outside our home. We were not home very often. Project based learning warrants some pretty awesome field trips!

I have also taught at several other schools or homeschooling groups in the area over the years, with a focus on elementary aged leaners. This includes United Learning Academy, Brain Monkeys, and The Lyceum. At Brain Monkeys, I worked with students to use computers and Legos to teach science and engineering principles. 

I joined Ann Arbor Academy in the fall of 2022, teaching fiber arts and geocaching. I am excited to expand my role at the school to teaching in the Lower School, and to bring my experience with child-led and project based learning to our younger students.