Natalie Schultz-Purves

Email: nataliep

Position: Multisensory support

I came to the school after working as a carpenter for many years. My background includes childcare, plant care, home making, a stint working for a private investigator, but above all, sewing and fiber arts. I have a Bachelors of Arts from The Evergreen State College and spend most of my free time sewing soft sculptures and “stuffies”.  My role at the school is to provide emotional, social, and academic support. I believe we all deserve to feel as good as possible in our bodies and our environments and our worlds don’t always provide that. Beginning in the 22/23 school year, I will be focused on the sensory needs of the students and doing everything I can to make our spaces comfortable, safe, engaging, and supportive. I also offer tutoring, role-playing game groups, and home-consultations in my quest to create comfort and fun!